Basalt lining

Functions and Usage of Cast Basalt Lining

Cast basalt lining is a wear resistant solution that is based on minerals. It handles and processes the components that convey abrasive elements. The cast basalt liners and tiles are manufactured by melting volcanic rocks. They are then casted in the form of different shapes including cylinders and tiles. They are annealed to highly controlled degrees of temperatures for the purpose of attaining required features.

basalt lining

Installation of Basalt Liner

Abrasion resistant castings are affixed in to steel parts. It is mostly used in cement mortar, if necessary, other kinds of special materials.

The temperature that is required for the application of cast basalt lining is up to 350°C.

Advantages of Basalt Liners

  • Basalt lining is highly resistant to abrasion. It can be used wherever sliding abrasion is found.
  • The outlook of a surface that is rendered by cast basalt lining is smooth and it gives a unique appearance. Therefore, it has excellent properties of sliding.
  • It does not let the material corrode because of the property of resistance.
  • The heat resistance of basalt lining is up to 350°C.
  • Basalt liner is resistant to acids as well as chemicals. That is why it is resistant to corrosion.
  • Basalt liner is very effectual in pneumatic and hydraulic systems. It works for more than thirty years when used in certain installations.
  • The standard size of basalt liner ranges from 40-700 mm for bends and pipes made up of basalt. 


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