Cutting Basalt Pavement

Cutting Basalt Pavement
Cutting Basalt Pavement
Our customers or companies executing the pavement often ask us:
“How to cut basalt tiles or what tools to use? It is actually possible?”
The answer is:
“Yes, it is possible to cut basalt tiles! You have to meet two conditions, though: 1. Proper cutting tool and 2. Water cooling during cutting.”
To condition no. 1
Basalt is a very hard material (Level 8 according to Mohs scale, where diamond is at Level 10) therefore it has to be cut using a diamond wheel intended for cutting hard materials, such as a wheel for cutting granite.
To condition no. 2
The cut must be intensely cooled with water. It must not be heated/melting/lightened. Cutting basalt requires a lot of water.
It is also possible to cut other of our basalt cast pieces in the same way (bricks, gutters, pipes etc.).
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