Anti-slipping pavements

Anti-slipping and practical types of basalt pavements are suitable:

  • for industrial and exterior use, mainly in wet and slippery operations, for milk filling plant and dairy rooms in milking plants, for floors, where oil drops occur, for walk-on surfaces of wet operations, on dispatching platforms, very inclined platforms or footways.

Anti-slipping floors

Milking plant anti-slipping floorBlacksmith shop anti-slipping floorPivovar Cvikov sanitacePivovar Cvikov spilkyChodník protiskluz CSlip-resistant type B, ramp front of the housePivovar Cvikov filtraceFloor in breweryLocksmith operation floor made from anti-slipping pavementChodník protikluz CExpedin rampaSlip-resistant type B, ramp front of the housePivovar Cvikov ležácký sklep1Pivovar Cvikov detailWellness Hotelu DUO BeskydyHotel DUO wellness, protiskluz DWalkway made from anti-slipping pavementČOV Polsko


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