Abrasion resistant pipe of basalt or eucor

For tens of years basalt and eucor have been assisting in

protection of steel structures against wearing. It is however more actual with ever increasing prices of steel. Regarding to excellent end-use properties of basalt and eucor products, the materials are used particularly as abrasion-resistant inserts of pipe pieces.

Basalt inserts are very suitable for hydraulic transport of very abrasive materials and sludge. Pneumatic transport in heating and power plants, mines, transport of various abrasive or chemical materials etc. may use the basalt inserts up to maximum speed 22 m/s (acc. to transport media) and maximum temperature 400°C. Special basalt  cast pieces – bends, branches, T-pieces, Y-pieces, jets, cyclones etc. – replaced the components from high-alloy steels and multiplied the equipment lifetime by five to twenty.
Eucor inserts are suitable for pneumatic pipe lines, which are more loaded by velocity (up to 30 m/s) and temperature up to max. 1000°C.

Recommended combination in pipe mains is as follows:

  • straight sections use piping with basalt insert
  • bends, stilling pieces* and other shape pieces with eucor insert
*Stilling piece = min. 1 meter long flat piece behind the bend (in media flow direction), where there is  turbulation behind the bend and most often wearing in pipe mains.
Abrasion resistant pipes

Abrasion-resistant lining, such as.:

  • mixers for concrete and casting mixtures
  • through chain conveyors
  • lining of milling cylinders
  • coal, ore and sand hoppers,
  • chutes, blenders, separators
  • dragline conveyors of abrasive materials
  • spatial lining of industrial equipments
  • etc.

More detailed information on both materials is available in Catalogue Sheets in section „Download“ – Catalogue Sheet E-01, E-02 and E-03.


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