Square pavement for industry use

Industrial Square Pavement

Square basalt tiles belong to „basic foundation stones“ of our production for whole period throughout the company history.

We produce them in many types and variants.

We specify here the most used ones. Additionally, we produce many other sizes of square industrial tiles, which we communicate you upon your request and certainly we will chose the most suitable tiles for needs of your construction.


  • JR – fine grooving on back side
  • R - rough grooving on back side
200/100/22 JR1.20 kg50
200/100/30 JR1.70 kg50
200/100/30 R1.60 kg50
200/150/30 R2.40 kg36
200/200/22 JR2.40 kg25
200/200/25 JR2,80 kg25
200/200/30 JR3.40 kg25
200/200/30 R3.30 kg25
200/200/40 R4.30 kg25
250/100/30 R2.00 kg40
250/125/22 JR1.80 kg32
250/125/30 JR2.60 kg32
250/125/30 R2.50 kg32
250/200/30 R4.20 kg20
250/250/22 JR3.70 kg16
250/250/25 JR4,40 kg16
250/250/30 JR5.30 kg16
250/250/30 R5.00 kg16
300/150/30 R3.60 kg23
300/200/30 R4.80 kg17
300/250/30 R6.00 kg14
300/300/30 R7.20 kg12
400/300/30 JR10,109


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