Recommended mortar for gluing of basalt shape pieces in sewerage systems

Mortar Eufix-S

High-quality and proper gluing is one of most important parameters on laying of basalt shape pieces. Therefore our product range includes mortar recommended for perfect and durable gluing, but also pointing of our shape pieces, particularly for sewerage systems.

Eufix-S may be used also for other types of constructions. We sell this mortar under trade name EUFIX-S together with our products and thus the customer may order it together with the basalt shape pieces.

Eufix-S is mortar specially developed for gluing, pointing and laying of the elements from melt basalt for concrete structures (floor surfaces, walls, tubes, wells etc.) even into environment with permanent effects of water.

Eufix-S is special single-compound volumetric compensated mortar with modified start-up of solidifying for gluing and pointing of the elements and shape pieces from the melt basalt.

Mortar Eufix-S is delivered as ready-to-use pre-cast mixture of the aggregates, inorganic filling agents, Portland cement and special additives. Mixing with gauging water in specified ratio results in special gluing and pointing mortar well processable by mason method, which is physically and chemically hardened.

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