Sewerage from basalt

For use in sewerage systems

our company in cooperation with specialists developed products, which serve for construction, but also for reconstruction of the sewerage systems. And most important advantage – they multiply (!) lifetime of the works as compared to the other materials and technologies.

With goal to precede the failures of the masonry sewerages it was concluded that the most purposeful solution should minimize the number of interstices in the sewerage bottom section and it should use the construction material of highest possible quality. The problem solution results from cooperation of customers with EUTIT s.r.o. - developed sole tile from melted basalt. High resistance against abrasive effects of suspended and bottom moved inorganic materials and practical passivity of the melted basalt towards aggressive impacts of the substances contained in wastewaters belong to another advantages of the solution.

In spite of the fact that the basalt sole tile is more expensive than e.g. stoneware tile, its use in renovation constructional works on the sewerage systems brings about significant savings. The previous technology of masonry sewerage construction enables its putting into operation only after the sewerage gutter laying, at least partial realisation of bottom masonry and its pointing. During all these works a provisional by-pass should be sued. Use of basalt gutters shortens their fitting and they may be shortly used for discharge of wastewater. Short-time exclusion of the wastewater discharge may be bypassed by pumping.

However in both cases there is a risk of rainwater flow and corruption of realised constructional works. Precondition of long lifetime of the masonry sewerage with basalt gutter is its correct concrete work and high-quality realisation of load-carrying concretes of the sewerage lower part. This requirement is ensured by liquid mixture produced in central concrete production plants, transported to the construction site in mixers and stored to required position by means of hoses and pumps.

Recommended mortar for gluing of the basalt shape elements is EUFIX S, special developed mortar for gluing of basalt products in sewerages, which may be ordered together with the basalt products from our company.

Gutters and Shape Pieces

  • Gutters for oval sewerages of Prague format - PN
  • Gutters for oval sewerages of size b:h = 2:3 - CN
  • Radial shape pieces of thickness 23mm for lining of round section sewerages
  • Radial shape pieces of thickness 30mm for lining of round section sewerages
  • Other radial shape pieces for lining of round section sewerages
  • Split gutters from tubes
  • Gutter for dewatering of bridges

Sewerage Tubes

  • Sewerage basalt tubes – length 0.5 meter
  • Heading tubes - length 1 meter
  • IN LINE heading tubes - length 0.5 meter

Protective Sill Pieces

  • Tube for protective sill
  • Anchor for protective sill
  • Shape piece for protective sill

Sewerage Bricks

  • Brick
  • Halve Brick
  • Mosaic Brick
  • Half Mosaic Brick
  • Wedge

Shape Pieces

  • Mains Pipe DN200 R1100
  • Mains Pipe DN R400

Recommended Mortar

More detailed information on melted basalt and basalt products for sewerages is available in Catalogue Sheet in section „Download“ – Catalogue Sheet E-01.


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