SKID PAN tiles

SKID-PAN 250x200
SKID-PAN 200x200

SKID-PAN - special tiles for the automotive industry’s test tracks and for testing institutes

Surface of the special tiles is subsequently polished acc. to requirements to enforce the effect of the ice surface on the polygon area after wetting. Such surface then serves for testing of riding qualities of the passenger vehicles, utility vehicles and trucks, tyres, brake systems etc.

Basic produced tile of this type is square 200x200 mm for straight sections of the tracks, but we produce also special tiles for curves of the automobile polygons to enable application of these special tiles to whole area of the oval tracks.  

Leaflet Skid Pan Tiles

SKID-PAN 250x200 polished
Skid pan 200x200 polished
200/100/322,00 kg50
200/150/322,60 kg34
200/180/404,10 kg28
200/185/404,20 kg27
200/190/404,30 kg27
200/195/404,40 kg26
200/200/303,60 kg25
200/200/323,80 kg25
200/200/404,47 kg25
205/200/404,70 kg25
210/200/404,80 kg24
250/200/304,50 kg20
250/200/324,30 kg20
250/200/405,10 kg20
250/250/324,60 kg16
300/200/406,40 kg17
SKID-PAN tiles


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