Gutters for oval gullies of size b:h = 2:3 - CN

Oval gutter
Oval gutter with side piece

Sewerage sole tile gutters of CN standard

for construction of oval gutters (in compliance with ČSN 75 6101).

* The table shows also the CN IV 1 gutter, which is delivered incl. 2 side pieces CN IV 2. Size of separate gutter is A=608.7 V=290 weight 29.5 kg/pcs.
CN 0 1500/750424,5265125412,529,5
CN I 1600/900470,7265150412,530,5
CN II 1700/1050579,9350175352,032,5
CN III 1800/1200662,7400200308,032,0
CN IV 1900/1350825,0 *583,9 *225352,049,5


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